24-hour Photography Challenge


24-hour Photography Challenge and what a challenge! This is one of the most fun things I have done Shell. What an experience! I was shooting with Jaya McIntyre from Empire Art Photography¬†for winter and spring on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. Jaya decided clear our weekend, and surprise me. She signed us up for a 24 hour photography challenge! The Photo Shootout, we had 24 hours to shoot and submit three of our best images in three categories. And my categories were Landscape, Seascape and Portrait. WOW what an experience and totally out of my comfort zone. Sometimes taking yourself out of your comfort zone can help you to grow. And this was exactly what I needed for my journey and to boost my confidence. I based all my images around the beach and spent the nice light hours: early morning and late afternoon shooting, into the night. The biggest challenge was the portrait category which is funny because I won the portrait category! I wanted to focus on the relationship between humans and ocean. And not just taking photos of surfing. I wanted to show the moment of when the human being and wave are both in control. But I wanted to be close up to see emotion and focus in the face just before the wave crashes. Of course I didn’t have a 800mmm F5.6 lens. And still I don’t think that would of worked. So with the help of my surfing friend Josh and with lots of sand being eaten and me getting very wet. We got the shot! The image of that moment just before the wave took control and when human is in control. When together the two are in sink! Please see below the collection and fun we had to get the shot!


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