Engagement Shoot in Mount Tamborine

In the breathtaking landscapes of Mount Tamborine, Australia, Ashley and Michelle’s engagement shoot was a day filled with love, laughter, and adventure. With photographer Shell Eide leading the way, every moment was captured with warmth and artistry. Mount Tamborine is renowned for its stunning wineries, scenic vistas, lush rainforest trails, and enchanting glow worm caves. On a cool winter day, Ashley and Michelle embarked on their engagement shoot, a precursor to their upcoming wedding in Brisbane with Empire Art Photography.´Ashley and Michelle embody the essence of country living – relaxed, down-to-earth, and deeply connected to nature. As they explored gardens, wakled through the rainforest, and to the waterfall, their love for each other shone brightly, infusing every photograph with warmth and joy.

Mount Tamborine in Australia is known for its amazing wineries, picturesque views, rainforest trails and their glow worm caves. It was a cool winter day for Ashley and Michelle’s engagement shoot. This was a warm up for their wedding that I was shooting in Brisbane with Empire Art Photography. This relaxed and down to earth couple are country people at heart! We had so much fun with these two walking through gardens, hiking through rainforest and climbing waterfalls . These two love birds have something special, and we hope we created some special memories over these two special days! To view more of our images and stories please go to Journal and explore with us.

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