Janine & John

John & Janine met at work and were instantly drawn to one another like magnets. John, who grew up in Oxford and Janine, who had moved to England from Germany, discovered they had a lot in common and quickly became inseparable. They both are avid skiiers and snowboarders so what better a place for their photoshoot than in the Bavaria Alps in Germany. This picturesque spot sums up these two so well with blue skies, rolling mountains and beautiful snow everywhere. Their relationship is pure bliss, full of excitement, adventure and deep love.  We had so much fun capturing them sharing special moments.  These two were so easy and relaxed about the whole situation, frolicking through the cold snow and forest like mountain nymphs. We look forward to sharing their next journey with them! Secretly we can’t wait! To view more of our images and stories please go to Journal and explore with us.

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