Tsunami Warning in Beautiful Maui

It was the early hours of the morning, 4am and we had been camping at a beach in Hana Maui. I still remember her voice with the thick Chicago accent; “We need to go, there is a Tsunami warning”. It was February 27th 2010 and we were nearly at the end of our camping trip in Maui along Hana Highway. Chile had a 8.8m earthquake and all Hawaiian Islands had a Tsunami warning. Of course Jonas jumped up in panic but I knew we had time. We headed straight to Fagan’s Cross, up high near Travaasa Hana Resort. We were one of the first to arrive along with a Vancouver family. It was not too long then the locals started arriving armed with shelters, beers and food. The environment was like a movie with small war planes flying, old school sirens alarming and American tourists from the resort on their mobiles panicking. But the locals were so calm! There was even a wedding happening, and a Californian couple who were jugging and a cute little pet baby goat. Locals hospitality was amazing but Jonas and I had experienced that all week. Hawaiian Island were lucky! The Tsunami was only small. The ocean was like giant bath tub and someone had pulled the plug. The water went out to sea so quickly and returned quickly with little force. We were so grateful and happy that none of the beautiful locals lost their homes!

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